Rainmaker. Data-centric & strategic thinker that always finds the way to get the work done.

Likes to think as: 

  • is detail-oriented
  • focused on data and people
  • possesses a strong design and user experience background
  • has a passion for building impactful products

Currently works remotely from the UK, occasionally writes about self-awareness, stoicism and education.



Marketing Product Management & Product Development – 2019

THEXPR /The Experience/ is a platform for growing remote teams and creating a cohesive team culture where people with little or no experience become volunteers and help startups scale faster in exchange for real working experience.

MOXXX Education

Product Ownership & Business Development – 2019 

MOXXX Education is a web app for building psychological safety environment in remote teams to accelerate team performance.



Technical Product Management & UI/UX Design – 2017

FLUID7 is a web development company that design and build custom products for clients all over the world. From custom WordPress development to crafting the web system architecture.

The moove

Product Development & UX/UI Design – 2017

Themoove is a tool for gathering feedback that every small and medium-sized business needs! Relying on honesty and creative ideas to bringing your project to the next level..