In 2019, the skills gap was highlighted as the top priority issue and the pressure to focus on multiple dimensions of learning is even more challenging.

When students/career-shifters start looking for a job, the most given feedback (69% from over 5000 interviewed candidates) is “not having enough experience”. A study done by LinkedIn also shows that the most in-demand were the soft skills. On the other hand, 62% of the SME employers said that they they planned to increase workforce skills and would rely on millenials to get more freshness and be more up-to-date with the trends.


Design an internship program for students and career-shifters who work remotely in small teams up to 10 people. Develop the soft skills required by any company in the 21st century: problem-solving, collaboration, creativity and communication.



We have built a team of 6 people from 3 continents working in 4 different time zones. The team didn’t have any previous knowledge in the field they were working, which required the need for a mentorship. After 6 months, the company increased its brand awareness by 80% and employee satisfaction by 100%. The team successfully finished the program, got the required experience for their new jobs and developed the soft skills they were missing.


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