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Every user has different current experience (what users already know) – usually, users are completely unaware the design is helping (or hinder) them to complete their goals on a website. The user is being trained, but in a way that seems natural. 

Most websites today have a lot of usability problems that rise questions like:

  • Do the users know what to do on a website?
  • Can the users do what they want to do? 
  • Do they feel they have achieved something when action is completed?


Themoove is a software that aims to bring people together and to improve the connection between designer, developers and end-users, in order to create more functional and usable websites on the web. 



The moove helped 4 univeristy teams to understand what users think about their projects (e.g. website), how do they behave while browsing a website, how do they interact with a website, what do they like and what do not, and where they struggle. According to Hotjar, collecting customer feedback gives you the opportunity to leverage  expert knowledge into better service, better sales, and a better product


The data showed that teams decisions were influnced by the feedback they got from each other and improved overwall success of the project. This also helped designers and developers to become customer-centric which according to Hotjar is the #1 goal for 37% of Mature companies. 



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