I'm Dzhuliana and I'm passionate about computers, technologies, programming and creating Awesome stuff.

I'm Product Lead and Co-Founder of - a startup project for developing distributed teams where people with little or no experience become volunteers and help startup companies to grow in exchange for real working experience.

My mission is to inspire more people who want to change their lives and find jobs they really love.

I believe and fight for a future where AI will do routine jobs faster, cheaper and more accurate while Humans will focus on creative jobs, compassion and empathy.

Currently, I'm living in the UK where I work for one amazing company for Web development - Fluid7. My work here is focused on designing and developing usable interfaces, which help users to complete their mission on a website successfully, efficiently and effectively in order to satisfy their needs.

I have always been studying new techniques to improve my knowledge, face new challenges and do my best in every creation. I enjoy hard-working, healthy food and Burpees.

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If you drop me an email, you can expect a response within the next 2-3 days.